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Filtration Services

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Product Details and our Services


  • Air Filter

    Heavy-duty air cleaner, heavy duty end caps - corrosion resistant, coated steel liners and more area filter media to maximizes airflow and longer service life.

    Radial seal filter seals - slip easily on and off the outlet tube during installation and service as well as better sealing capability.

    PROJECT SERVICES: We are able to assist customers to prolong air filter change interval and to exceed OEM specification.
  • Oil Filter

    These filters are designed for todays emissions compliant EGR engines to conform the micron rating and more sediment capacity to allow extended service life. use a controlled chemical release process to replenish the additives in the engine oil and deliver extended drain intervals, often double that of standard filters. These filters are a direct replacement and require no system modifications or special maintenance.

    PROJECT SERVICES: : We are able to assist customers to extend oil change interval by significantly reducing soot content and if necessary to add TBN booster and/ or other chemicals/ additives.
  • Fuel Filter

    Our fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel that prevents pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency. This multiple-layered media technology is designed specifically to remove water and contaminant from the fuel stream.

    PROJECT SERVICES: : We are able to assist customers to improve engine performance by eliminating significant organic and inorganic contaminants and water contents (free and emulsified water).
  • Hydraulic Filter

    Mobile hydraulic systems are designed to keep the fluid and system as clean as necessary by removing particulate matter and debris which could ultimately cause component wear or failure.

    PROJECT SERVICES : We are able to assist customers to extend hydraulic oil life by recycling the oil to clean oil like new (clean).

Fuel Water Separator and Coalescer

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    1. Our media is filtering Free Water and Emulsified water filtration capability.
    2. Supports extended service interval of OEM filters on the engine.
    3. Highest Performance capability.
    4. High Sediment/ contaminant capacity and water separation for free and emulsified.
    5. Extended element life.
    6. Heavy duty housing design.
    7. Have options (2, 10, 25, 50 micron elements).
    8. Reduces inventory and complexity – common filters with other housing.
    9. Biodiesel Compatible.

    PROJECT SERVICES: We are able to assist customers to customize improve engine performance by ensuring the fuel entering to fuel system is clean from contaminants and water ( free and emulsified water).
  • Bypass Oil Cleaner

    We can assist customers in extending oil change interval by fitting additional bypass oil filter to significantly reduce soot content in the oil thus significantly reducing abrasiveness of the oil. This will extend engine life (overhaul interval, reduce fuel consumption as well as reduce oil consumption.

    The oil cleaner can be fitted on board or remote, for one unit or one fleet. The element is high depth filtration thus hold high contaminant for long life capability.

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