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Hot Tapping Accesories


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Hot Tap and Line Stops | Weld and Sleeve Fittings & Accesories Manufacturing

One of our continuous supplied is in hot tapping and Line Stops fittings and accessories. BSM manufactures hot tapping and line stop fittings and accessories for the natural gas, oil, steam and chemical industries and has earned a reputation as a premier supplier of pressure control fittings for the energy distribution markets. We have special support supplied to PT Masuma Muhale, Jakarta—Indonesia, Hot Taps and Line Stops company since October 2010.

Pressure Control Fittings are available for steel piping systems in threaded sizes from 1/4” through 3” and flange fittings from 4” through 12”. Fittings are designed, tested and manufactured to meet and/or exceed the code area replacement requirements for pressure containment per ASME/ANSI B31.8 (Gas Pipelines).

The fittings are certified for use in Class 1, 2, 3 & 4 locations at the Maximum Allowable Operating Pres-sures of 285 PSI for ANSI Class 150 Series fittings and 740 PSI for ANSI Class 300 Series split-sleeve fit-tings. ANSI Class 300 spherical fittings are also available upon request. BSM Full-encirclement Line Stop fittings are available in ANSI 150, 300, 600 and 900 Series from 4” through 48” sizes. Split sleeve fittings are also manufactured with side outlet, spherical configurations and with a weld neck flange for hot tapping. Line Stop Flanges and Completion Plugs are also available. Pressure Control and Line Stop Fittings are compatible with specific tapping and plugging equipment and are designed to carry the extra loads imposed during hot tapping and line stopping operations. Quality fit-tings can be designed to ASME/ANSI B31.8; B31.4; B31.3; B31.1; DOT 192 Federal Regulation for gas pipelines; DOT 195 Federal Regulation for liquid pipelines and most international codes. And others All fittings are marked in accordance with ASME Section VIII & IX (and API 1104) Weld-ing Procedure specifications. BSM fittings are also available with a reducing branch to connect different pipeline sizes.

All fittings are stamped with a code number for material identification. Material certificates are included

The quality control is according to the client’s specifications. Radiography Testing, Ultra Sonic Test, Mag-netic Particle Examination, Hydrostatic Testing, Physical Testing are available. BSM employs Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures, as well as In-Process Inspection and Documentation.

Product Summary

  • Weld Fittings

    We are stockiest for other weld fittings likes flange, elbow, reducer, tee, cap etc., with different size. ANSI 150, 300 and 600

  • Blind Flanges

    We also manufacture for ANSI class 300, 600 and 900

  • Split Line Stop Tee Fittings

    Product Summary:

    • Full or half encirclement hot tap fittings
    • Size-on-size customized tap fittings
    • Compatible with existing tapping equipment
    • No special adapters required
    • ANSI 150#, 300# & 600# series
    • Sizes from 4" to 48" sizes

    Line Stop Fitting can be custom designed to your particular pipeline specifications. Blind flange kits and completion plugs are sold separately.

  • LOR Plug

    BSM mechanical products are easily integrated with BSM fittings.

    We offer :

    • Custom-fabrication to your specifications
    • Pre-engineered configurations
    • Eliminates the need for field welding
    • Factory-tested, factory-coated
    • Ideally suited for cast-iron piping applications

    We can fabricate a custom requirement. Our LOR Plug will be fitted with Split Line Stop Tee fittings.

    We have size from 4” - 36”.

    We manufacture in Indonesia with raw materials applied to API/ ASTM standards.

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