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What is a Hot Tap ?

A Hot Tap is define as using a drilling machine to cut hole into an in- service, underpressure piping system. This is done without service interruption or product leakage. Typical applications of a Hot Tap include making a branch connection, initiating a bypass and allowing performance of a Line Stop. Components required to perform a Hot Tap normally inculde a fitting designed to contain system pressure, a valve used to control new connection and a drilling or tapping machine.

Virtually every Hot Tapping job is different, and require Hot Tap Procedure before starting the job. Every procedure may need revision to Unique job specific problems or situations that may arise concerning the safety of personnel and facilities. Most Hot Tapping applies to piping and equipment fabricated from Ferritic and austenitic steel. Other materials, such as aluminum, copper, plastic, and cast iron may be unsuitable for Hot Tapping or welding or may require Special Procedure.

Hot Tap Procedure And Application

  • Hot Tap Application

    HotTaps performed on variety of piping and vessels materials including the following : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast / Dectile Iron, Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Transite or Asbestos Cement, Exotic Alloys, PVC, Polyethlene, and others.

    1. New construction tie-ins without shutdown
    2. New pipeline construction
    3. Quality control sample points
    4. Valve installations
    5. Thermowell coupling installation
    6. Chemical injection point
    7. Corrotion Coupon installation
    8. Orifice taps for flow meters
    9. Offshore service
    10. Pipe inspection
    11. Temperature indicators
    12. Sparger installations
  • Hot Tap Capabilities

    PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI is equipped to handle your all of your Hot Tap needs. We carry large and most diverse inventory of Hot Tapping equipment in Indonesia. We have a proven record of developing unique and custom Hot Tap solution for the most complicated scenarios.

    • Hot Tap performed in size ranges from ½ inch through 40 inches.
    • Hot Tap performed on system operating over 1000 PSI.
    • Hot Tap performed on system operating to 700 Degrees F.
  • Hot Tapping Services.

    Whether you require a small-bore emergency application or a larger planned modification – PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI Hot Taping gets the job done and done right. PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI has the expertise to evaluate and customize a solution that specifically meets your application and plant needs. We're able to perform hot taps into most mediums susch as hydrocarbons,natural gas, water, waste water, steam, condensate, compressed air and heavy oils, and can be effectively deployed in a variety of industries, including:

    1. Fossil, hydro and nuclear power generation.
    2. Offshore and Onshore oil and gas production facillities and pipelines.
    3. Refineries and petrochemical plants.
    4. Oil and Gas transmission and distribution pipeline.
    5. The steel industry, Pharmaceutical, food processing, and pulp and paper plants.
    6. Waste Water Force Main and Plant Work.
    7. Potable Water Transmission and distribution Pipe Lines.
    8. Pulp and paper plants.
    9. Air Conditioner Line on High Building.

See How it Works

  • Step One

    A tee fitting is installed onto the live pipe

  • Step Two

    A valve and Hot Tapping machine are bolted to the outlet of the new tee

  • Step Three

    The Hot Tapping machine extends its cutter through the open valve, cuts a hole in the pipe wall, and captures this cut-out pieces

  • Step Four

    The Hot Tapping machine pulls the cross cut-piece (coupon) up through the valve, the valve is closed, the assembly is depressurized

  • Step Five

    The machine is removed from the valve and the process is complete


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