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HSE Policy

PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI has become a world class company by satisfying the expectations of its customers and for its reliability. This reputation has been earned by PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI through its technological leadership, the quality of its services and products, dedicated and skillful participation of its workforce and their relentless adherence to ethics and commitments. PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI objective now is to be the best in its class.

Within this framework the HSE Policy for PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI is to prevent all the employees and associates working at PT BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI and its work sites, the related facilities, machinery, equipment and offices used, the data produced, the environment and the individuals around, the just and hard-earned trust and image created on the customers and third parties from the each and every kind of pollution, hazard and accident that may result from our businesses and to make efficient use of natural resources. This policy is at the same time the assurance of our future business.

Of the above-mentioned issues, being irrevocable, any threat to the safety of human beings is and will always be our overriding concern. For that reason, if and when PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI is faced with a choice, the safety of human beings will always precede cost.

Thus, PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI target is to attain ZERO ACCIDENT with emphasis on the safety of human beings.

The only way to achieve and sustain this essential target is to embed our HSE Policy across a documented and continuously improvable management system that can be implemented independent of individuals.

To that end, new management systems to regulate all factors, risks and functions that concern our HSE policy will be implemented based on the international OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. The said implementation will be executed by the dedicated and unconditional participation of all PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI employees, within the framework of the targets, responsibilities, authorities, scope, procedures, instructions and principles defined by the executives vested with the responsibility of implementing these systems in accordance with any and all laws and regulations.

Each employee, his own health and safety having the first priority, is responsible for working and employing others without causing any threat to others, goods, machines, data, image and the environment; monitoring others' compliance to the HSE Policy; warning when non-compliance occurs; determining all factors and processes critical to safety (CTS); requesting related training; taking necessary precautions; complying and causing the compliance with the associated system and instructions; and effectively getting involved in and contributing to the sustainable improvement of all of the above. To fulfill these responsibilities, each employee will be required to take, orally and in a written form, a ZERO ACCIDENT PROMISE once every year. PT. BRILIAN SUKSES MANDIRI will ensure that the said HSE Policy is comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by way of the lessons learned from undesired deviations.

July 2011

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